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Apr/19/16 (Tue)
Top Things Your Kids Can Learn at Your Local Farmers’ Market
By Kaitlin Krull, Contributor for
For many families, grocery shopping is seen as a chore rather than a positive experience. Just getting through the aisles can feel like an impossible task, with screaming kids, grumpy parents, and hordes of other shoppers obstructing any hope of a quick exit. Fortunately, shopping at local farmers’ markets is an entirely different experience. Shopping locally for your produce offers benefits for you, the local community and, believe it or not, your children. Here are just a few of the amazing things your kids can learn on a trip to the farmers’ market.
Jan/28/16 (Thu)
Fill Out This Survey For Your Organization!
FREE BOOKS! Aubin Pictures has received a generous grant to distribute the rest of our kid-approved WHAT'S ON YOUR PLATE? books to excellent organizations and programs. The WHAT'S ON YOUR PLATE? project was designed to be not only a documentary film about kids and food politics but also a tool in the large and growing food access movement. Aubin Pictures seeks alliances with parents, teachers, food activists, policy makers, journalists, corporations, scientists, and, most importantly, kids to spread the message about the importance of local, healthy food in a young person’s life. To be considered for a bundle of these healthy living guides about food reform - filled with games, stories, recipes and resources written by and for kids and families - simply fill out this short questionnaire. We are particularly interested in partnering with community groups, educational institutions, and businesses that provide services for low-income communities and underserved neighborhoods.
Jan/26/16 (Tue)
How To Make Kid Spaces Greener
Contributed by writer Kaitlin Krull
If you appreciate the desire to live a cleaner, more environmentally conscious life, then you probably have measures in place throughout your home to help save energy and live “green”. However, it can be a little tougher sticking to your eco friendly ways when you live with children. Here are a few tips to help you keep your kids’ spaces just as green as the rest of the home (and just maybe encourage them in their own ecological journey).
Jan/01/16 (Fri)
Indoor Kid-Friendly Garden Ideas for the Winter
By Kelsey Martin, Contributer to
It might be cold outside, but even in the tiniest of apartments you can still keep growing green things! Kick off 2016 with these easy-to-grow indoor garden ideas. "Growing fresh food at home is one of the most effective ways to encourage healthy eating habits among kids and adults alike. When fresh veggies and greens are right outside the back door on a warm summer day, being able to make a nutrient-packed meal to end the day is easy as well as rewarding. A garden is sure to save the household some money, too! But don’t let the passing of summer stop you and your family from enjoying home grown food throughout the year, because you can grow your own food indoors when it starts getting cold outside." Check out more suggestions from this excellent article on Indoor Kid-Friendly Garden Ideas for the Winter written by Kelsey Martin of for What's On Your Plate?
Mar/20/14 (Thu)
10 ways to teach your child to eat well
Simple tips that make all the difference
Children with strict parents are more likely to be overweight, a new study has claimed.This warning comes weeks after British parents were criticised for being too lenient - an indulgence which was, according to Sarah Beeny, television presenter and mother of four, fueling Britain's obesity crisis. So what can parents do to encourage healthy eating in their children? We need to help children learn where their food comes from, who grows it, and why it’s important to share meals with friends and family. Here are 10 ways families can eat with greater awareness and engage young people in food and agriculture. ... 8. Watch educational programmes. Catherine Gund's What’s on Your Plate Project follows multiple kids and their families in their journey to learn more about the food system. Along the way, they discover the importance of being aware of what goes into food, where it comes from, and who creates it.
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